New website 🆕



This website was way quicker to build then expected, I used Jigsaw to quickly template up a website and do some more styling to make a nice looking piece. And it doesn’t use a database, but rather markdown files for the contents of the works and posts.

Which is great for my use case, and I wish that I had done this way sooner. I always got some sort of mental breakdown as I started to work more on my old CMS. Just because I decided to implement everything myself and reworking the whole wheel again. Which was all cool and good at the beginning when I had too much time to spend. But even when writing this now I feel like I used too much time on this website too.

I also had to learn composer which is based on PHP. As I first though that well. Might as well try out something different then Vue JS. And the documentation is good enough for everyone to start working on a small static website.

The problem I ran in to however, was that I coundn’t make a form to contact me. Nor do I want to post my official e-mail address for everyone to spam to. So for the time being you can contact me through Twitter or Reddit.

But looking back at the overal style and all, for a back-end developer, it looks quite nice.