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In my current year I was learning Ruby as part of my internship. In the beginning I stuggled a lot to understand the dynamic language as is.

So as a beginning ruby developer I always wonderd why nowhere in schools we got some Ruby. It’s either beginning with something easy like Python and when being more experienced it was using a combination of Java, C# .NET and Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue.

While we did get tought the basics of Dynamic languages, we has to learn a lot on our own on that side of the fence. Any documentation is always very welcomed for us backend developers.

As a test to see if I could actually use Ruby well, I started the 2019 Advent of Code using Ruby. While at first I still had some things to learn because I never used them. The basics where there. And could quickly adapt to new Gems to use.

Advent of Code

I didn’t finish it, but I aspire to try to challenge myself to jump right down each year with another language. Next year I am going to choose Python as this is an easier language that I also wanted to try, as it is close to Ruby in some kind of sense.

Advent of Code Repository

Ruby Documentation