Gone with the old, In with the 🆕



As you might have seen, I have some Vue.js experience, and I am also good on the way on learning the composition API in Vue version 3.0. Now, one of my friends mentioned what Nuxt was. It’s a framework to easily write smaller applications in, while also being able to do lots more. Like rendering your website statically and just serving that.

As I would like to transition away from PHP with my current background I wanted to try it out. But Nuxt 3 wasn’t released yet when I wanted to start working on it. So I waited, and waited. And after a while the first Nuxt 3 versions came along including Nuxt Content which makes writing markdown for pages a lot easier. But I am still waiting for the static page rendering for Nuxt Image, so that I can optimize my images locally instead of doing it by hand every time.

The Issue at hand 👋🏻

While I was almost done I found out that most of the plugins for Nuxt 3 where completely not done yet with the conversion, even after such a long time. And it turns out that static rendering took the lowest priority for most plugins. That meant that the Image plugin didn’t work yet, and that the content (for markdown usage in the project) also wasn’t supported for generated sites.

So I had to bite the bullet. Do I go with something else or wait for a fix?

Astro to the Rescue 🚀

I heared of Astro before, but before landing on this framework I wanted to search a bit more to what suites my needs.

Astro Portfolio Repository

Build with Astro