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Advent of Code 2023 (Rust) 🎄

Rust, a more complex typed and memory managed language. But still alike Java in some sort cases.

The Wonderful World of Winget 📦

For everyone using Windows, the time in finally now to use Winget 📦!

Gone with the old, In with the 🆕

As you might have seen, I have some Vue.js experience, and I am also good on the way on learning the composition API in Vue version 3.0.

An actual usefull Docker Alternative 🐋

Using something else then Docker, is there even something else just as good? I get the question a lot on my work.

Advent of Code 2021 (Java 17) 🎄

This year I had the ambition to actually use Java for Advent of Code (AOC). And needless to say, I got pretty far.