Keydungeon was one of my first finished projects, it’s a password manager that I wrote myself. So it’s not as secure as possible. But I wanted to give it a try anyways.

This project was made in the second year of internship I have ever done at an IT-company and the implementation shows is age. Mainly because I didn’t use any components and wrote everything myself.

While you could argue if PHP is a good language or not fully depends on what value you can give it. For me at the time it worked great, I had the knowledge to make something from scratch with some additional help from the internet.

Before I ever wrote a lot of CSS I would never have though to use variables. So the company I worked for in the time switch to SCSS instead. There I learned how to write and use SCSS, but also apply it in my own projects.

With this small example you can already see some usefull things in SCSS.

@import "_font.scss";

$template-color-dark: #242424;
$template-color-light: #f2f2f2;
$template-color: #f1c40f;

I also added variables for the main colors of the website, so the light, dark and orange colors can be changed on one location for the whole application. Which saves time and errors.

💶 Increase in price

My host Cloudbear wanted to switch it customer base around, they way they where doing that was somewhat controversial as well. The previous price I had to pay was €0.50 a month. The new to pay price was going to be €7.50 a a month… That is a price increase of 1400%! So by going from €6,- a year to €90,- a year made me take action immediately, I started looking for other alternatives in PHP hosting. I did found another host called Vimmexx which in my opinion is still good for the price. Vimexx also puts heavy restrictions up on users, for example: 25GB of traffic a month.

But for a portfolio of keydungeon it doesn’t really matter to much, as I don’t upload to many images and code or docker/program builds should be on Github anyways.

🔨 Upgrades

I do plan to upgrade Keydungeon, but it’s on the bottom of the list. So planning to make a new PHP API and a vue 3 front-end for starters.

Keydungeon Website